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Imaging Strategies helps health systems prepare for and get value from enterprise imaging solutions.

We help you bridge the gap between radiology, cardiology, and all of the service lines that capture and consume medical images.



  Step Outside of Radiology

Health systems that approach image exchange, clinical decision support, and VNA in the context of the overall enterprise have the greatest successes.  Radiology-led initiatives with active engagement from across the enterprise have the most impact supporting strategic enterprise objectives including referral growth, cost containment, clinical and operational efficiency, telemedicine program expansion, and patient care improvements.

Imaging Strategies help your healthcare system achieve enterprise imaging success




A comprehensive understanding of imaging needs across your organization is vital for strategic plan development, vendor selection and deployment.  Our services include:


Business needs assessment – from finance, IT and clinical departments, to international patient services and telemedicine


Clinical needs assessment – identify imaging needs and use cases beyond radiology and DICOM


Prioritizing imaging needs based on relevance to organization’s strategic goals


Implementation audits—assess success to date, and define a path to improved performance


Strong, inclusive governance ensures that the broad imaging needs of the enterprise are understood.  It also helps ensure service line engagement and accelerated adoption. We can:


Define the most effective governance structure for your organization


Identify strategic and tactical leaders to include and recruit members


Develop incentives for engagement and adoption


Evangelize the enterprise value of enterprise imaging internally and externally


Policy and Workflow

Clinical service lines have unique needs for capturing, obtaining, and viewing images.  We help you understand these needs so you can achieve a fully image-enabled EMR.  We:


Provide transparency for current-state workflows


Define future-state workflows to ensure images are appropriately captured, labeled, and accessible via the EMR


Develop policies for sharing and storing medical images


Collaborate with your strategic referring facilities to develop workflows to share images and ingest images you send to them

  About Imaging Strategies

Imaging Strategies was founded to help organizations make sense of the rapidly changing world of HIT and health information exchange. With a strong focus on medical image exchange, we also do extensive work in enterprise imaging, referral management, clinical decision support, and leveraging software solutions to support transitions to value-based care and referral growth.

Working with executive leadership to understand an organization’s growth objectives, we provide strategic planning services, workflow evaluation, and software utilization audits and optimization consulting. Our goal is to coach hospital teams to become self-sustaining optimization experts.

Imaging Strategies was founded by Amy Vreeland in 2014. Amy has over 25 years of leadership experience in HIT startups, most recently as co-founder of lifeIMAGE, Inc., where she was Senior Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, and Strategic Accounts, and AMICAS, where she was Vice President Client Services, which was twice ranked Best in KLAS under her leadership.

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